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Solenoid Actuators

Eurovalve offer Solenoid Valves from four manufacturers. Each are Namur Mounting, 5/2-way and 3/2-way Solenoid Valves for direct mounting onto actuators.

Body Material

Polyamide (PA)

Seal Material


Media Temperature

-10°C - +50°C

Ambiant Temperature

-25°C - +55°C

Supply Port Connections 1,3,5

Threaded Port NPT 1/4

Duty Cycle

100% Continuous Rating

Electrical Connecton

Tag Connector acc. to DIN 43650 Form A

Protection Class

IP 65 with cable plug


Timer Unit
ASI Cable Plug
Dosing Control
LED & Varistor

Voltage Options

12v A/C-D/C
24v A/C-D/C
110v A/C-D/C
240v A/C-D/C

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Solenoid Actuators
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