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5th November 2020 - Operational Update From Eurovalve

New national restrictions are coming into force from 5th November 2020 as England goes into a second lockdown period. To help contain the virus, everyone who can work effectively from home must do so.

Where people cannot do so (for instance people who work in critical national infrastructure, construction or manufacturing) they should continue to travel to work/attend their workplace. This is essential to keeping the country operating and supporting vital sectors and employers.

Operational Update From Eurovalve

Eurovalve are operating throughout the lockdown and have systems in place to be able to work from home if required. We want to reassure our customer base that Eurovalve and its supply chain is fully prepared to fulfil all orders and process new business enquiries that arise over the next month. We wish everyone a safe month and look forward to seeing you in the future.

1st October 2020 - High Performance Butterfly Valves From Zwick In The Spotlight

ZWICK is a leading manufacturer of large valves which meet the highest requirements and quality standards. The product range contains metal-seated butterfly valves known as series TRI-CON, the check valves series TRI-CHECK and the TRI-BLOCK series, ZWICK’s Double Block and Bleed Design.

Big means BIG, valves can be manufactured in maximum dimensions of over 200 cm in diameter. Eurovalve have years of experience of high performance Zwick Tricon triple Butterfly Valves.

High Performance Butterfly Valves From Zwick In The Spotlight

The number of unique technical attributes of the product, such as the cone-in-cone seating design with the multiple laminations and the metal seat makes the series TRI-CON to an allrounder for many different industrial applications. ZWICK loves big challenges. Zwick valves are used for industrial and exhaust gases, liquids, hot water or steam at lowest as well as high temperature zones up to 815°C. The TRI-CON is utilized extensively in the chemical, petro-chemical, oil & gas, offshore and district heating markets.

2nd September 2020 - Pekos Valves & Eurovalve Expanding For Future Growth

Pekos Valves is a leading European company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing ball valves with many years in partnership with Eurovalve. The company has become a solid reference in the ball valve manufacturing and automation market.

More than 1 million valves manufactured and delivered to a wide range of industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Energy, Pulp & Paper, pharmaceutical and food industry. Pekos Valves offer expert logistics, refined throughout all these years in the market, allows Eurovalve to supply industrial valves with short delivery times.

Pekos Valves & Eurovalve Expanding For Future Growth

Fully automatic warehouses in Barcelona and Bilbao reduce the preparation time of our customers’ orders and guarantee their accuracy. All pekos valves are designed, produced and certified by the most widely accepted international standards. The total quality control system is designed to assure that every step from material procurement through machining, assembly, testing and packaging meet the primary objective - always exceeding the expectations of our customer.

3rd August 2020 - Hattersley Valves Available As BIM Product Components

Today, Hattersley offers a variety of balancing commissioning solutions - for constant & variable flow systems which includes a range of PICV’s and DPCV’s plus bespoke pre-assembled units like Hook-up and Hook Up Prime. In addition, modular manifold units like MultiComm are available for larger commercial projects.

Hattersley Valves Available As BIM Product Components

There is also a range of general and public health valves including thermal circulation valves that can help to prevent Legionnaires' Disease. Many of the Hattersley range of valves are readily available as BIM product components. Building Information Modelling has swept the industry and is now mandatory on many projects. The construction industry is benefiting from utilising the rich 3D data that bimstore provide to specifiers enabling projects to be delivered quicker, cheaper and in-line with rigid legislative standards.

14th July 2020 - El-O-Matic Actuators Synonymous With Fit & Forget

For over 30 years the El-O-Matic brands of pneumatic rack & pinion and electric valve actuators have been synonymous with a “fit and forget” ideology for quarter-turn and multi-turn valve requirements.

El-O-Matic Actuators Synonymous With Fit & Forget

EL-O-Matic is a leader brand in premium quality rack and pinion valve actuation since 1973. Founded in the Netherlands, the EL-O-Matic brand quickly grew to become a global leader in actuation. With over 3 million actuators sold world-wide into the toughest applications, you can be sure that the EL-O-Matic brand offers premium workmanship and durability. One of the main design parameters in the development of EL-O-Matic F-Series is the “Fit and Forget” principle. Fulfilling these requirements will make sure that the long-term cost of ownership for the EL-O-Matic F-Series actuator is reduced to a minimum.

4th June 2020 - Socla Valves in The Spotlight

Eurovalve has been a distributor of Industrial Valves for many years and we have 1000's of installations around the world. The SOCLA Company has been a standard bearer in the field of water and moving fluid control since 1951.

SOCLA is also the brand name for a number of ranges of system protection and regulation products but they are mainly known for Industrial Check Valves and Control Valves.

Socla Valves in The Spotlight

The Socla ranges of backflow preventers and valves are specially designed to protect drinking water pipelines, no matter where they are used, whether domestic, urban, agricultural or industrial. Additionally, water distribution control is now an essential factor in order to ensure the comfort demanded by consumers, and also to improve energy efficiency within installations. The Socla ranges of control valves and air controllers are designed to fulfil these new criteria. For more information contact our sales team for a quote on your next project.

1st May 2020 - Ball Valves For Middle East Manufacturing Plant

DN25 to DN150 Safi Flanged PVDF Ball Valves, to provide isolation in a sulphuric acid system. Shipped recently, destined for a manufacturing plant in the Middle East.

Ball Valves For Middle East Manufacturing Plant

Ball Valves supplied from economy to firesafe, high pressure and trunnion mounted ball valves, Eurovalve supplies a comprehensive range. A wide variety of sizes, materials, end connections and operators are available enabling us to match the ideal ball valve to your application.

2nd April 2020 - Operational Update for Coronavirus COVID 19 & Eurovalve

Due to the UK government's recent announcements regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Eurovalve (UK) Limited would like to reassure all of our clients that we are working towards maintaining business operations with the health and wellbeing of our staff being paramount.

Operational Update for Coronavirus COVID 19 & Eurovalve

Our manufacturing facilities are operational until further notice subject to further government advice. The following departments will be open working remotely:

  • Contracts & Administration
  • Estimating & Sales
  • Design
  • Finance
  • Health & Safety

Please email for more information.

10th March 2020 - Eurovalve Policies Now Available Online

Eurovalve has policies in place for all aspects of the business relating to products, services, customers, employees and all stakeholders involved with the business.

We have recently updated our policies page where you will find policies covering health & safety, environment, bribery, ethics, training & development, worksafe, sustainability, quality and our mission statement.

Eurovalve Policies Now Available Online

It is Eurovalve UK policy to supply products sourced from quality assessed manufacturers whose products meet EU and UK standards and, where required, products will be CE marked, ATEX Certified and PED approved. The Company is an accredited agency for many of the branded products it supplies.

21st February 2020 - Accreditations & Certificates Updated

Eurovalve operates within the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard. ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for our quality management system. The standard provides guidance and process rules for Eurovalve to ensure that products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements.

As part of this we ensure that quality is consistently improved as part of an ongoing continuous process.

Accreditations & Certificates Updated

ISO 9001:2015 management system standards help ensure that consumers receive reliable, fit for purpose, quality goods and services. This further increases benefits for Eurovalve including responsibilities of management, product realisation, measurement, analysis and improvement of the QMS through internal audits and customer feedback.

16th January 2020 - Orbinox Valves in The Spotlight

Eurovalve have been an approved distributor or Orbinox values for many years.

Orbinox has over 50 years of experience designing, manufacturing and distributing knife gate valves and valves for solids and material handling. The range of knife valves Orbinox offer suit a range of applications from Mining, Water Treatment, Bulk Handling, Steel Industry, Hydroelectric to name but a few. View the full range of Oribonox industrial knife gate valves on our website and contact us to discuss your project.

Orbinox Valves in The Spotlight

We have a large stockholding of Orbinox Valves to support the marketplace which ensures optimum availability of all products. Our activities include a range of engineering and support services to various industries including water, waste water, bulk handling, pulp & paper, mining, power generation, chemical processes and a wide range of applications for the oil & gas industries.

3rd December 2019 - Season's Greetings From Eurovalve

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved with our company including customers, staff, suppliers and partners for your support during the year.

We are looking forward to 2020 and working with all of you again next year. Season’s greetings from all of us and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our last working day before Christmas will be Monday 23rd December, which makes our last day for despatch of stock items Friday 20th. We are open on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

Season's Greetings From Eurovalve

We would like to wish our customers & suppliers the best wishes for the festive season. We have had an excellent year and are pleased to be moving into next year with a positive outlook. We have significant expansion plans and projects planned for 2020 and more news will be made available in this area over the first months of the year.

20th October 2019 - Four Eurovalve Actuators Exported To Jordan

Four Eurovalve spring return actuators, the largest having a massive torque output of just under 6000Nm. Prepared for export to a minerals company in Jordan.

The actuators are to be used to operate 250mm, 500mm and 600mm diameter butterfly valves in a mineral processing plant as part of a refurbishment plan.

Four Eurovalve Actuators Exported To Jordan

Four Eurovalve Actuators Exported To Jordan

Eurovalve specialises in pneumatic, electric and manual actuation and has the capacity to offer a wide range of actuators with the necessary accessories to accommodate most applications. We take pride in our comprehensive valve actuation services which include in-house assembly and testing.

9th October 2019 - Flanged Stainless Steel Actuated Ball Valves Order Fulfilled

Eurovalve recently supplied an order for Flanged Stainless steel actuated ball valves with steam jackets fabricated and welded ready to ship. These were destined for a bitumen plant where the importance of keeping the process fluid from solidifying is vital.

These ball valves were specified and had to be fit for purpose for this industrial environment, to ensure that production of bitumen was at optimum efficient levels.

Flanged Stainless Steel Actuated Ball Valves Order Fulfilled

From economy to high Firesafe and high pressure, trunnion mounted ball valves, Eurovalve supplies a comprehensive range. A wide variety of sizes, materials, end connections and operators are available enabling us to match the ideal ball valve to your application.

3rd September 2019 - OEM Valve Manufacturers Updated

Eurovalve are distributors for leading industrial valve global manufacturers including Eurotorc Orbinox, Socla, Elomatic, Hattersley, Pekos, Starline, Pheumatrol, Siemens, TLV, Auma and Rotork.

Combined these original equipment manufacturers are world leaders in valve innovation, research and development within the valve industry. All of these partners allow us to fulfil our customer requirements being backed by the very best in process quality and product quality.

Huge Export Butterfly Valve Order Fulfilled

We work very closely with our OEM partners who are at the forefront of research and innovation and the latest developments in this industry. Our latest partnership agreement is with Eurotorc. Our partnership with Eurotorc are a long established business, specialising in the process valve and automation sector within a wide variety of process industries, providing isolation and control solutions for many common and arduous applications. Eurotorc have been developing and manufacturing a wide range of Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Pneumatic Actuators, Electric Actuators, Limit Switchboxes, Solenoid Valves, Positioners and Gearboxes.

1st August 2019 - Huge Export Butterfly Valve Order Fulfilled

Eurovalve recently supplied over 90 auto on/off and modulating Butterfly valves using a Socla, Eurotorc, Metalwork and Elomatic package for all items.

These were all built in house at our modern assembly facility and functionally tested in accordance with our ISO9001:2015 QA procedures. In addition the order included over 200 manual valves including Butterfly, Ball and Globe valves for use on cooling water circuits in an overseas production plant. We met a very detailed specification and supplied within budget and on time.

Huge Export Butterfly Valve Order Fulfilled

July 2nd 2019 - Spares Racking Capacity Expanded

Eurovalve offers a range of essential spares geared towards providing you with the complete service package from enquiry to after-sales.

Our in-house ability to both build and test the products that we supply provides you with both the reassurance and confidence you need when tending to pressing flow control requirements. This is supported by our vast range of spare parts and stocked items.

Our own means of transportation allows us to service the local area and provide you with the piece of mind that our supply chain is both efficient and professional. We are also able to offer a stock control management service, retaining stock in-house so that products can be delivered as and when required. Although we are particularly well-equipped for servicing the local area, Eurovalve is a global valve supplier and our crucial experience in international projects means that wherever you are, we are able to offer our services.

Spares Racking Capacity Expanded

June 5th 2019 - Industrial Valve Repair Service Capacity Increased

Other than new supply, Eurovalve can also offer a comprehensive and specialist Valve and Actuator Repair service. We have invested in a purpose build workshop facility allowing for complete strip down, analysis, reconditioning and rebuilding of all types of industrial valves.

This service also includes testing and re certification of relief valves, retrofit and re-engineer valve solutions, spares parts management and Provision and sub-contract Machining.

Industrial Valve Repair Service Capacity Increased

May 2nd 2019 - Industrial Valves Section Updated With The Latest Products

Our Industrial Valve section on our website promoting the latest ranges and original equipment manufacturers has been updated on our website for you to browse on

Visit this section for the very latest on Industrial Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Non Return Valves, Pinch Valves, Relief Valves & Commissioning.

Industrial Valves Section Updated With 2019 The Latest Products

April 2nd 2019 - New Eurovalve Display Stand

We are pleased to reveal our new display stand showcasing many of our well proven core products. Over the years Eurovalve has developed strong ties to manufacturers and enjoyed building up an excellent relationship with our customers.

We hope to get this in front of some of you very soon!

New Eurovalve Display Stand

February 15th 2019 - New Website Launched For Eurovalve

We are pleased to launch our new responsive mobile and secure website which offers information across several sections including Products & Supply, Representation, Procurement & Shipping, Quality Control, Industrial Valves, Industrial Actuators and Related Products.

We welcome you to navigate around the website and browse all areas to find out more about Eurovalve and how we can become your industrial supply chain partner.

New Website Launched For Eurovalve

Eurovalve UK was established in 1992 and specialises in the supply of valves and actuators to industry. We are committed to providing quality, competitively priced, products backed by a prompt, efficient and personal service. These are the business values that have helped us to become one of the leading independent specialists in flow control technology. Initially located on a small site in Leicestershire the business grew rapidly and in 1998, relocated to a warehouse and distribution centre in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Eurovalve moved to a purpose built sales, workshop and distribution centre in the Spring of 2016 located at Dinnington, South Yorkshire and now has one of the most comprehensive ranges of valves, actuators and ancillary equipment in the UK and has the capabilities to meet the needs of most industries.

August 21 2018 - Project Being Prepared for Shipping Overseas

A small project being prepared for shipping for an overseas project. Modulating flow control V-Ball and Butterfly Valves with Fail Close Actuation and electro-pneumatic Positioners.

Project Being Prepared for Shipping Overseas

July 3 2018 - Valves & Actuators

A wide range of industrial valves and actuators for the UK market sector with many items stocked in our UK facility.

Valves & Actuators

Quality Assurance

ISO9001:2015 - Eurovalve are pleased to announce that they have successfully gained ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. Although Eurovalve have had ISO9001 accreditation for over 10 years, the change of standards from the previous ISO 9001:2008 to the current one was significant, however we passed without any minor non conformances confirming our ongoing commitment to quality and performance.

Philip Oldham

After 7 years at Eurovalve and over 52 years in the valve industry, Philip has decided to take a well earned retirement. He can now have the time to fine tune his DIY skills, drive his beloved TVR in the countryside and go for many walks in the Peak District, sampling a few local real ales along the way.

All at Eurovalve wish him a very happy and healthy retirement and would like to thank him for his effort, commitment and not least, his fantastic sense of humour.

Eurovalve Expands into New Premises

Due to ongoing expansion, Eurovalve is pleased to announce the relocation of the company. Our new address is:

Eurovalve (UK) Ltd.
Unit 1D, Campbell Way Business Park
Campbell Way
Sheffield, S25 3SF

If you need help finding us, give us a call on our existing phone number of 01909 489 120.

Eurovalve Expands into New Premises

Fundraising for Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

Sandra, Karen and Nick have once again been collecting donations on behalf of Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice.

The trio descended on Sheffield and collected donations outside the Crucible Theatre during the World Snooker Championships. We collected a good amount from our colleagues prior to the event and had a successful and enjoyable evening. 

For more information about the Bluebell Wood visit their website at

Fundraising for Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

Vacancy - Sales Co-Ordinator

This is an important role that contributes to the efficient running of the business and is the link between the sales office and the warehouse/workshop. There will be regular contact with customers and suppliers to ensure that orders and projects are supplied on time and in a professional manner. You will also be responsible for working in other areas of the business as and when required.

Strong desire to satisfy customer needs and achieve results. Experience in working in a small but busy office environment. To have a can do, positive attitude always looking for ways to improve. Ability to manage own workload, work towards a deadline and prioritise tasks. Conscientious, hard-working and self disciplined. Open to self development Work effectively within other areas of the Company. Authoritative. Good organisational skills. Smart appearance that projects a professional image. Works effectively and calmly under pressure. Ability to work on own initiative or as part of a team. Active team player

Full details and be found on our vacancies page. 

Vacancy - Sales Co-Ordinator

Vacancy - Accounts Administrator

Eurovalve supplies quality valves and actuators to industries. We have an unparalleled extensive product range with the full backing of some of the UK and Europe’s leading manufacturers. The role of Accounts Administrator is responsible for supporting the Directors by ensuring the smooth running of the office and ensuring a high level of customer service is delivered to customers and suppliers.

You will cover all aspects of accounts in regards to invoicing, collecting payments and paying suppliers, including aged debt chasing and credit control. You will be responsible for monitoring and collecting all monies in and out of the business to enable the company to work efficiently and stay profitable.

Full details and be found on our vacancies page. 

Vacancy - Accounts Administrator

Eurovalve Support Local Children’s Hospice

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice offers care and support to children with a shortened life expectancy, both in their own homes and at the hospice in Dinnington near Worksop. Bluebell Wood is a place filled with laughter and love that provides families with the chance to relax, take a break and have fun, they also help support the whole family.

The hospice costs £3 million every year to offer the support to parents and children alike. With no statutory government funding, the hospice relies on the contributions of individuals, local businesses and other donations. Without this support they simply couldn’t help all the children that they do. Eurovalve has supported the hospice in recent years and we have confirmed our commitment for 2012/2013 to this great cause on our doorstep. For more information about the Bluebell Wood visit their website at

Eurovalve Support Local Children’s Hospice

Internal Sales Engineer - Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Eurovalve supplies quality valves and actuators to industries. We have an unparalleled extensive product range with the full backing of some of the UK and Europe’s leading manufacturers. We have appointed a tenacious Internal Sales Engineer to join our team within the pipeline products and mechanical engineering industry.

The successful candidate Dan Eaton will be employed in an Internal Sales Engineer role working from our Worksop location for providing office based support, communicating at all levels with a variety of people including managing directors, suppliers and customers.

Internal Sales Engineer - Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Eurovalve Launch

We are proud to announce that after a record year to Q2 2011 Eurovalve have launched a new website which can be found on To coincide with the new website we will also be promoting a new domain name which will run in parallel with our existing website

The new website represents a significant investment and is available as a knowledge base for our customers who have been instrumental in our ongoing success which has seen the company increased turnover by 14% from 20 the previous year. The new website will also be developed as an ongoing cycle of updates and new products and your feedback is most welcome.

Our new website offers around 200 pages of information including detailed specifications of a wide range of Industrial Valves. The website has sections which include information on the following Valves; knifegate, plug, butterfly, ball, gate, globe, control, direct solenoid, non return, pinch, diaphragm, reducing, relief, backflow preventer and commissioning valves. The website will be added to as an ongoing resource for our customers and also to support our new business development objectives.

Eurovalve Launch

Eurovalve Expand

Due to ongoing growth we have fulfilled two new positions within Eurovalve including an Internal Sales Engineer and a Warehouse Operative. Both positions represent a commitment from Eurovalve to continue our service standards to our customers. Eurovalve has grown year on year over the last ten years with increases in turnover occurring in every financial year. The positions are summarised as follows:

Internal Sales Engineer - This is an important role that contributes directly to the profitability of the company. It is a focused sales role that deals with internal enquiries, providing quotations and achieving orders. Our chosen candidate has extensive knowledge of the products and the ability to provide technical support to our customers.

Warehouse Operative - Working within the warehouse to process goods received, dispatch orders and complete general engineering work such as the assembling, repairing and testing of valves and actuators, ensuring that jobs are completed to a high standard then packed and shipped to the customer within the specified timescales. Our chosen candidate will also progress orders and manage stock control as required to meet the demands of our customers.

Eurovalve Expand

Eurovalve (UK) Ltd | Unit 1D | Campbell Way Business Park | Campbell Way | Dinnington | Sheffield, S25 3SF

Tel: +44 (0)1909 489 120

Company Number: 3545461